How to Survive the Holidays with Family Virtually or in Person.

2020 has brought us many uncertainties. Decades long dynamics between you and family members can bring a mix bag of emotions as well. This can be a recipe for an interesting holiday to say the least.   One thing that is for sure is that COVID has brought the good, bad, and the dreadful out of all of us.  This has divided many of us on related topics surrounding the virus.

While there is an abundance of advice on getting through the holidays, there are just a few key things we can focus on to maintain that peace of mind and enjoy ourselves.

First, begin the day with setting your mind right.  For example take 5 minutes to write out a list of the areas in your life you are grateful for.  Take stock in thinking about what you are thinking about and make a proactive choice to guard your thoughts to keep them positive.

When interacting with family members, give validation and show others you hear what they are saying.  This can help diffuse those moments of anger, intrusiveness, criticism, or just overall negativity. Often, we can get caught up in thinking about what to say or how to offer a solution.  Simply reflecting back and validating what someone has said is all that is needed to calm the conversation and move it along to another topic.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to agree with someone’s political stance, thoughts on Covid or other hot topics to show an understanding of another’s perspective.

In a time when many things seem not in our control, remembering what you can control can provide a healthy balance.  These include the choices you make, what and how you respond to someone, maintaining boundaries, and most importantly practicing gratitude.

If you find that you need additional support surrounding these topics please contact me.  I would be happy to speak with you further.


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