Our Emotions can be really painful to manage sometimes. It is completely natural to need ways to find relief. If you think you are currently using self-harm to cope with your difficult emotions, keep reading to see how therapy can help you.

Self-harm is the action of hurting oneself on purpose in order to release painful emotions. It is important to know that typically when people self-harm, they do not do so as a suicide attempt. Some of the more commons types of self-harm can be:

Cutting anywhere though more typically on arms and upper legs
Carving into the skin
Scratching most likely until bleeding or skin is broken open
Hitting, punching, or pinching oneself
Pulling out hair
Picking at existing wounds
Engaging in risky behavior

In therapy you will be supported in identifying why you are using self-harming as a coping mechanism

Some of the reasons for self harming include:

Taking the focus away from their negative feelings
Feel something physical, particularly if they are feeling numb
To try and develop a sense of control over their lives
As a punishment to themselves for things they think they’ve done wrong
Express emotions that they are otherwise embarrassed or do not know how to communicate otherwise
Self harm releases endorphins where this sensation can become addicting to some.

Therapy will help you find other ways to achieve the same relief in healthier ways.

If you feel you are in a crisis and need immediate care text HOME to 741741 or find a crisis line in your county
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