Stress Management

Stress Management

We now know that stress in addition to having a negative impact on the body and immune system can lead to feeling worthless, helpless, and when left untreated can lead to anxiety and depression.

It is inevitable that we will have trials throughout this life. During our everyday routines we can have numerous demands placed on us that can be difficult to navigate and handle. We however have a choice in how we perceive our circumstances and what we can do about them.

Have you felt down or anxious for more than several weeks? Is your mood starting to interfere with home, school or work life. Are loved ones taking notice on your levels of stress and how you interact with them? Perhaps you have trouble keeping positive lately, accepting that there are events that you cannot control, becoming aggressive, defensive or passive. If you are having trouble managing stress in your life you are not alone.

Stress management includes a variety of techniques focused at bringing an individual’s stress back to healthier levels in order to promote and maintain overall well being and everyday function.
In therapy with me you will learn how to build resilience to help prepare and protect you from future stressful events. There are a number of qualities that make up resilience according to research. These areas can be strengthened in therapy and include positive thinking, spirituality, self-esteem, flexibility, strong support system, sense of humor, mindfulness and relaxation.

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