Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships

Do you ever ask yourself any of these questions?

Why do I put myself in relationships with people that are not dependable or that continue to hurt me?

What am I doing that attracts the difficult personality types to me?

What can I do differently to choose better friends?

Many of us do not have the skills to identify who is good for us.  When we are going through difficult circumstances we can reach out for companionship, comfort and connection often to the wrong people.

In therapy, we can look at improving your awareness of the personality traits on safe vs toxic people, gain insight into how you attract toxic people, how you may be unsafe yourself, and how to make lasting changes to create good relationships.

Safe relationships are designed to help you grow and be the best person you can be.  There is hope.  You can stop repeating the same patterns and start enjoying the rich, fulfilling, healthy relationships that we all need and desire.