How to Prepare for Back to School Mornings and Evenings with your ADHD Child.

Starting a new school year can be both super exciting and stressful for both parents and child. Now is the perfect time to start getting a plan in place for school mornings and evenings. The following are some ways you can ease back into a new school year with your ADHD child!


Address the Problem Areas with Creativity


Treat problem areas with sensitivity and creativity. Take the perspective that your person has MINIMAL control, When problem solving, think out of the box. For example if they can’t sit still during homework let them stand or get them a large pilates ball to sit on. Allow physical timed brain breaks for 5min to help them reset and focus. Allow fidget toys if they are helpful.


Use Auditory Directions Along with Written


Since ADHD children have trouble remembering REPETITION is KEY. Once the plan for the back to school schedule is ready put it in several visible places throughout the house. Have them re- verbalize and review directions daily to assist in understanding.


Establish a Signal to Get Them Back on Track


Identify a verbal or non-verbal visual to remind your person to get back on track with their work. Reward for each homework assignment completed.


Help Manage their Verbal Responses


Since with ADHD many children have trouble ignoring distractions they could also need some assistance in organizing verbal responses. At the end of the day you can help your person review their day by breaking down or chunking. It can sound something like ” Tell me first……”, “then…..”, and “finally what happened…..”.


Limit Those Extra Curricular Activities


A lot of school-year stress, both for kids and parents, has to do with the number of extra-curricular activities children are involved with these days. When selecting a sport, be sure that there aren’t too many practices each week that will hinder your child’s schoolwork and sleep routine.


Consider following these guidelines so you and your child can have a productive and stress-free school year!


If you are still finding you need additional support and strategies with focus, stress, or anxiety management please contact me today to see if therapy can help.




Back to School Stress

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